Textile artisanship means as a language for us to speak about our knowledge and our value of craftsmanship. We take conscious steps to inspire people to see the beauty of sustainable goods and we are hopeful to nurture these values into every home.

LANA DAYA was founded by Clarissa Nilistiani and Theresya Tan in 2020. Together, they are graduates with honours of Nottingham Trent University, United Kingdom where Clarissa acquired her textile design degree and Theresya obtained her international fashion business bachelor.

Behind the name which is inspired by Indonesian historical garden, LANA DAYA represents our cultural ambitions – an intentional creation where we want to demonstrate our aspirations, our sense of beauty and a commitment towards labour of love. A garden is a place born out of the marriage between nature and human culture, it symbolises a vessel of craftsmanship in which a purposeful design should be inspired and nurtured back from our nature.

We believe in the power of mindful progress — as such, our approach is to take small, conscious steps in working with our artisans, in order to cultivate meaningful and deeply rooted partnerships with them. In doing so, we hope to create opportunities for long term growth and financial stability within these communities.

Our mission is to create a collaborative space with traditional crafters, which will encourage an exchange of our knowledge in textiles and their specialised crafts. Providing a home to nurture and encourage them to keep enlivening their values. With this, we hope to see a new generation of socially aware artisans who have full ownership of their craft.

Through the lens of human life is precious, the attitude of work [design] can be transformed into meaningful labour. Labour which imbued intrinsic values, empathy and genuine care for humankind and nature. Our care is sown out of sourcing ingredients that are kind to the earth, and ethically responsible for every hand who works alongside our principle to transparency.
A traditional weaving loom and a collection of rustic yarns.
With a sense of purpose and fingerprints of every hand who made it, we want to inspire every home to be a dwelling place for passionate hearts and genuine home goods.